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Joy of phone interviews

A buddy and former co-worker of James' is suing the city he worked in for unlawful termination. James was his sergeant and long-time friend, and got the guy the job on the department. The city council and city attorney are notorious for small town shenanigans, and their attorney investigating the case called James for an interview. The city wanted him to come in and do the interview in person, but that would mean that he would have to take off work and drive 2 hours, and he wasn't about to do that without being compensated. So the city's attorney calls him today and he does the whole thing over the phone.


They called him, he went in the office, closed the door, slipped down to nothing, and propped his feet up.

I'm just thankful we don't have a web cam.

A valuable lesson

A valuable lesson

James and I went to a new comic book store yesterday (he's recently obsessed with Walking Dead comics :dead: ). We walk into the store, and there's about four or five stereotypical comic book geeks (20-30 yrs old, no girlfriend, lives in mom's basement). Seriously, when I walked in they FROZE, like "Gasp! A GIRL!". I stuck close to Hubby, admiring the figurines and artwork (is it me, or are the breasts on female characters honestly larger than their heads?). The geeks are arguing, as geeks do, over why "Ghostbusters" is a better movie than both "Caddyshack" and "Smokey and the Bandit". I didn't hear all of the conversation, but I thought Hubby was going to go into convulsions. He starts repeating over and over, "Don't get in an argument in a comic book store. Don't get in an argument in a comic book store." loud enough that I start start chiming in.

Win moment: Two young girls (12-13) walk in wearing glittery dance/something costumes. Again, geeks FREEZE. They're looking around, and one of the guys mentions his pants "getting uncomfortable, a little tight." Hubby is barely restraining himself by now, buys his Walking Dead comic, and we walk out the same time as the two girls. As Hubby holds the door for them, he announces, "You guys walked in there on a DARE, didn't you??"

He's still fuming over the movie thing.

The lesson: Don't get in an argument in a comic book store.

Seriously. They won't let you leave.

It might be a little early...

Does anyone have any experience or information about this organization?


James and I are both Wiccan (he qualifies himself as more Druid), and we want to raise Mattie that way. However, we live in a small town in Missouri, and I don't want to set her up to get bullied (it's going to be hard enough).

Writer's Block: I May Be Crazy

What does this Rorschach blot look like to you?

Some sort of wolf.


My 30th birthday is Tuesday.

I'm three decades old.

Haven't done a lot of the things I had wanted to do at this point, but I realize that it's far from over. Still, I want that day to be special.

Lynda's birthday list:

--Full makeover at a salon, including a facial and cellulite treatment
--Pair of shoes not made for comfort but don't murder my feet, give me at least six inches, and are not on clearance (Had my eye on a pair at Aldo's, $80, will feel better with a set of Dr. Scholls inserts: http://www.aldoshoes.com/us/women/sandals/wedges/74172155-falconeri/97)
--Eat at Jersey Mike's. Topeka had one and it was AWESOME. It's over the state line in Overland Park, but Missouri hasn't got one yet.
--Have either German chocolate cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory on the The Plaza or German Chocolate ice cream with a scoop of dark chocolate at Cold Stone Creamery. James tells me there's a bunch of construction going on at the Plaza, but doesn't know what they're building. I'd still like to at least go window shopping; it's the experience I'm after, just to say I did it on my birthday.
--Have the whole day be about ME. Not errands for James, no buying of guns, knives, flashlights, or anything centered around him.
--Take Mattie to a park. She's never been to one.
--Get my license renewed. I feel less nervous about the test now.
--Find a local gym with a daycare, so I can go work my butt off (literally) while Mattie socializes with other kids.

My sights may be a little high, but it's my birthday--they're supposed to be! Yes, money's tight, and a trip to Sam's Club for essentials is necessary, but I want to be worn out and happy on this day!


This just reminded me of my friend Gwen, from Topeka...


Mattie just had her 2AM bottle and I laughed till I snorted while she and I watched "Roseanne," an under-appreciated show in my opinion...

And David from that show is Leonard on "Big Bang Theory"...Darlene is Lesley Winkle... They both seem to playing smarter versions of their old characters, and I like it.

I just woke up crying from a dream in a scenario I've never experienced, and never will. I was the best friend of a guy named Jonathan on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy who, after his transformation, had an opening performance at some up-scale New York bar, and was introducing me to his girlfriend, a tall, pretty, red-haired model named April. The guy is a single father of an infant daughter named Kathleen, but everyone calls her "Kate-Leen" because that was her deceased mother's nickname. I'm making small talk with the girlfriend, and it keeps panning to the reaction of the Fab Five like on the show. As the girlfriend is talking, mostly about herself, I'm getting more pissed by the minute, holding on to a pained smile while wanting to strangle her. Part of the conversation is where she says she's a photography model and I'm thinking "Ah! Dramatic art!". I asked if I've might have seen anything she's done, and she starts naming off shampoo adds in Glamour and Elle. I ask if she's done anything else, maybe in something with a hard cover and not stuffed with perfume samples? (The Fab Five "OOOH" but it flies right over her head.) Then I start talking about what a great father Jonathan is, and what a great night this is for him. She's still going on about her ads, but says yeah, he's a great dad, and how she can't wait to be a mom someday. I mention how that's a little soon (getting colder by the minute) and how his focus is on the most important person in his life, and how that will never be anyone but Kate-Leen. Girlfriend corrects me and says "Kathleen." I say "No. Kate-Leen. After her mother." Girlfriend shuts up. Later in the night, Jonathan takes her aside (boyfriends always do that on that show) and gives her a pair of diamond earrings that I helped pick out, because he said it was for a very special woman. In the dream, I have a deep crush on this man, so I'm thinking they're either for me or his mother. I see April with the earrings on, and feel like my chest just imploded. Jonathan stands up the end of the night to toast everyone, including his daughter, and the new most wonderful thing to ever happen to him: April. Fab Five's camera catches me in the background looking like I've just been socked in the gut, and ducking out the back. Then the dream ends and I'm awake sobbing.

Then Mattie woke up and the night was all better.

Hrm... O.o

My mom's been making plans to go to Italy for some time now, and while she was here she mentioned that if I got my passport, she'd take me with her. Part of me is wondering if she's just testing me to see if I have to guts to do it...

Mom: C'mon! It'll be fun!

Me: I'm sure it will, but I don't know Italian...

Mom: Learn! And who knows? Maybe we'll find some hot Italian guys to run off with!

Me: MOM! But what about *insert endless reasons not to go here*

Mom: You've got to do something crazy with your life just once...before you miss your chance...

She's going...with or without me... I couldn't bear to go without James or Mattie though; it just wouldn't be fair. She's retired, and has the time and money--I don't. On the other hand it would a once in a lifetime trip that I'd love to share with her. With a husband, new baby, and full time bills, I don't think I can...

Happy Fouth of July...Eve...ish...

Annie is skittering around being scared of the pops and booms that come this time every year; I don't think Mattie even notices it though...

Gotta feed Mattie soon; she's learned that she LIKES vegetables, and it's a fun tug of war game to keep her from spilling her peas and cereal all over her lap (again). Speaking of baby cuteness, here's some new pics!



Mild drama may be in the works...

Coming to the end of my paid vacation, which was AWESOME. James and his brother went ghost-hunting at Waverly Hills for part of it and caught things on still photos, audio, video, and may be getting an invitation to go back for a private tour (hopefully complimentary because those things normally cost $1000).

For the first night though, it was just me, Mattie, and Annie. The silence was GOLDEN. Work messed up my vacation schedule, so instead of getting the days when James was gone, I got the last three days of his trip and the rest of the week after. My mom came out for a couple days and stayed with me and my older brother, who lives on the other side of KC. She got to have quality time with Mattie, and I convinced her to stay the night and go out to breakfast because James was getting home later that night.

Mom likes James, but he has a tendency to overpower every situation he's in. It's his nature. It's one of the things that attracted me to him and at the same time annoys me. He has an entertaining (but worn) story about the last time he went to my farm, and had some colorful language to match. I was raised proper in many respects, especially when it comes to cursing. It's hypocritical actually, but we have certain "acceptable" bad words, like ass, damn, and the occasional shit. We do not say the "f-word" unless we absolutely have to. We just don't.

That word, in casual conversation, found itself floating around the restaurant table out of one certain mouth. Mom kept her tongue about it, but later sent me an e-mail expressing her distaste and saying that she loves me and Mattie, but she's "done with James." I sent her back an e-mail asking her to reconsider, and should hear back by tomorrow. Hers was sent shortly after she got home a couple days ago, so maybe she's had time to cool off.

I called James to tell him about it because I was upset, and he was rather nonchalant and well, James. I've calmed down, but I still feel a little hurt. Mom says she can't make the trip out here anymore because her eyes are getting worse and she has to stop at rest stops every other town. It was good seeing her though, and that she got to spend time with me and Mattie, and even James.